Ads That Add Customers

A managed campaign to turn ads into customers
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Creating and managing a system to grow your business

The guesswork ends here… it’s time to get a system for growing your online sales.
Your ad campaign strategy and management is designed to identify and introduce you to prospective customers efficiently.

More than just ads, we create and manage processes that profitably turns clicks into customers

How Ad Clicks Can Create Customers

The systematic approach to creating new sales for your business


1. Research

We identify who your customers are, what they like and what they’re searching for, so we can place your ads in front of the most suitable audiences.

2. Ad Placement

We script, design and place your ads in front of your prospective customers, so they can ‘click through’ to find out more.

3. Convert Clicks To Customers

Create a clear message of the value you provide and the appropriate next step (e.g. request quote, make a booking, buy online, etc)

4. Monitor & Manage

Ongoing adjustments are made to improve the cost to acquire each customer, maximising your profits

5. Results Maximisers

Your campaign can be customised with additionals tools to turn more of your leads into sales, and re-engage prospective customers, to maximise the sales generated.

What to expect

The first step, involves a quick chat to get an understanding of your requirements and if we are suited to work together.

If so, we’ll tailor and propose a packaged solution to suit your needs.

Packages include full turn key lead/sales generation and transparent reporting, so the returns on your investment are clear.

Our typical solution incorporates a blend of website management, SEO and advertising campaign management in an integrated solution.

Enquire now for full details and if suitable, a tailored quote, including recommended ad budgets.