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Before you spend another cent on web development…

Website Results Plan is your blueprint to great results online


Would you pay a builder to build your home, without first getting a plan?

Before you build, you need a customised plan to ensure that your home was going to be built for what your family needs, right?

… creating an effective website for your business is exactly the same.

You can hire a great builder/developer, but without a great plan, it’s very likely that your website isn’t going to be very ‘homelike’ to the clients you’re trying to attract… This increases the chances that they’ll go elsewhere or delay their decision, starving your business of potential sales. Ouch!

Maybe you’ve had this frustrating experience yourself, and currently have a website that your business is dying to move out of… or in the very least, get renovated.

Now is the time to end the pain and frustration… and get a clear blueprint to build or rebuild the ideal site to accommodate your growing business!

Are you ready to discuss your dream online home (website) for your business?

Planning for a website that ‘works’

Your website is a key component of your web presence.

It is important both for your future customers and your business, that your website is effective in generating business and integrated into your systems.



image correlating website results plan to sports planning

Planning for your customers

Essentially the ‘hub’ of online activity, visitors to your site should quickly gain a clear impression of who you are and why they need to get in contact with you.

In creating your website plan, we will look at:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • Where are they looking and how will they get to your website?
  • What is their buying process and what are they buying?
  • The strategy to convert your web visitors into happy customers

This provides an accurate picture of who your website should appeal to, what it should offer your future clients and how to capitalise on the opportunities in your marketplace to get the best results.



Planning for your business

While marketing is an important part of your business… it is exactly that, a part of your business.

Because of this, your web plan should also consider other elements of your business, who is on your team and how to ensure your new website works effectively for the business as a whole.

To do this, your website plan should look at areas such as:

  • How your website fits into your marketing plan
  • The role of your website in your sales funnel and integration into lead management (CRM) and email software
  • Customer service requirements of your website and how it can serve and retain existing clients
  • Who else uses your website (distributors, retail stockists, installers, referral partners, etc)
  • Other relevant integration requirements, such as: accounting systems, legal compliance, client logins, etc.



Creating your website plan

The process used for creating your plan, ensures that your requirements are properly understood and a purposeful plan can be developed.



Prior to our meeting, the questionnaire gives a good overview and enables us to do some initial research.

It helps establish what is and isn’t working in your business, your competitors, your goals and where the opportunities are to grow with the right online strategy.

Based on the responses provided, we can prepare for your scheduled consultation and ensure this time will provide the most effective outcomes.

Consultation / Discovery Session

The consultation component of your plan is implemented through your ‘Discovery Session’.

Through discussion with relevant members of your team, we unlock the core value proposition to your clients, the true value of your clients to your business and how to maximise this for maximum profitability and client satisfaction.

To do this, we explore elements of your product and service offering, marketing, sales processes and business systems

Plan Development and Delivery

Your customised plan will then be prepared and about 5-7 business days after the consultation, delivered, initially via email.

Once you’ve received your plan, we will go through it with you in a follow up session (via Skype or in-person). Our passion is to ensure this plan equips your business to achieve the best possible results.

How to use your Website Results Plan

Of course, once you’ve got a clear and actionable plan, you’ll then want your new website to be created.

You can then choose to do this with us, your own web developers or as collaborative project, with us assisting you to utilise skills from within your existing team and/or preferred providers to implement the Website Results Plan effectively.

During the process of preparing and delivering your plan, we will discuss this and encourage implementation via your preferred means. Our goal is to ensure your plan is turned into a website that provides clear and measurable results.

In fact, some web developers also refer their clients to us, knowing that our plans will not only provide better results for you as a business owner, but also make the process of designing and developing the site, more efficient and effective.

Your Website Results Plan Inclusions

Understanding Your Ideal Customer

Who are they, where are they and how to reach them

Accurately Represent Your Value

Position your business to highlight your value to prospective customers… and make it easier for them to choose you instead of your competitors.

Effectively Gain New Clients and Revenue

A plan to ensure your website is part of clear and effective sales funnel that helps web visitors become clients.

Content Guidance

Key messaging, tips on content structure and media to include in your site

Site Function and Integrations

Maximise efficiency and make sure your website is a team player

Clear and Actionable

You’ll get straight talk, and a plan tailored to increase profits for your business

Your Website Results Plan

  • Pre-consultation questionnaire and research
  • Discovery session consultation (2-3 hours)
  • Preparation of your customised Web Results Plan
  • Plan delivery and follow up session


$1450 + GST

Web Results Plan FAQs


Will my website cost more if I pay for consultancy and planning first?

No. The overall investment will be the same or less.

Once the plan is done, our team can build a $5,000 website for $3,500, effectively creating the same investment. The big difference is, that you’ll have a very clear plan of what will be in your site… and what shouldn’t be in your site, so the development can happen more efficiently and produce better results.

Can I use a different web developer?

Yes. Once you have the plan, you can get quotes from other developers, getting a more accurate quote to make it easier to compare.

If you have a designer who is already familiar with your brand requirements, but not as experienced in meeting your lead generation requirements, we can also work in collaboration to ensure you get the very best outcome.

To schedule your Website Results Plan, simply complete the details below and our Results Specialist will be in contact within 24hrs.